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For all in the local community

We are delighted to offer a vast range of services,

to meet the needs of those in the local community.

Some of the services offered are:

Accredited/Certificate training programs, Essential Skills Literacy, Numeracy & ICT, Restart Education, Food Hygiene, Parenting Programs, First Aid and Good Relations.

Some of our Non-Accredited programs include: History, Good Relations, Arts, Crafts, Parenting, Personal Development & Empowerment. 

Health Promotion Programmes/Actvities, Music, Sing, Sign, Strum, Mindfulness, Coping with Grief & Loss, Building Confidence & Lowering Stress, Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness.


Support Groups also available for Women's Mental Health & Men's Mental Health & Parenting.

 Support Services

Free Counselling facilitated by counsellors in training


Creche providing affordable sessional childcare for parents attending courses and support or crisis situations


Community Cafe providing affordable home cooked food and drinks as well as a safe place.  Also providing outside catering.

Room Hire for other organisations to deliver programmes/support

AccessNI umbrella body, police checks for many organisations within the wider community.

Volunteering & Placement opportunites.

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